About the Artist

Welcome Seekers,

     To a place where passion thrives. You can usually find me in my humble garage studio based in Oakland, California. With scissors in one hand and a threaded needle in the other, I am always finding ways to restore what was once forgotten. My name is Sophia Marie and I give clothes a second life.

*Photos captured by Kemily Visuals

    I am a sustainable fashion designer born and raised in San Francisco, California. My interest in fashion started when I was young and my commitment to sustainability began in 2015 when I watched the movie True Cost. The items on my website are upcycled and hand-dyed to be walking statements of protest against the fast fashion industry. Some of the designs are also made from deadstock materials and natural fibers such as hemp and silk, while the textile dyes come from flowers, indigo, hibiscus, and madder root.

  I have completed my Fashion Business and Fashion Design studies and am currently attending Academy of Art University on a presidential scholarship to receive my BFA in Textile Design.

 I am driven to inspire, educate, and encourage the community to form conscious habits and to uphold ethical fashion and sustainable practices. Therefore, I also offer workshops, clothing swaps, and monthly newsletters to my website subscribers so be sure to sign up!

Created with love and intention. 

Sat Nam.