Giving Back to the Community

We know the importance of empowering the                                                                   future woman of the world.

That's why IconaWear donate's 5 percent of annual gross profit to

an organization that "Supports Girls, & Young Women of Color from
under - resourced communities of San Francisco, California."
Giving back is the idea that through your successes, you are able to help and encourage people along the way. We (IconaWear) are based in San Francisco, California and found that "Oasis for Girls" encourages young women to strive to be the best version of themselves.
These girls are given the chance to:
  • Learn valuable life skills 
  • Take workshop classes with topics that include safer sex, self-defense, healthy relationships, nutrition, and more.
  • Develop creative writing skills which can improve academic performance and encourage healthy self-expression
  • Find their suitable path for school and/or a career with the guidance of the staff
We strive to support all women and men from across the world, not only jewelry designers and clothing makers.
Our goal is to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit and keep culture and their crafts alive through support and acknowledgment. 
There is no greater joy to see a community improve from a small investment.

Do you crave that extra support?
We highly encourage joining 
 The first Tuesday of every month in the Woman's Building (18th/Mission) You can find your very own supportive community. Valuable speakers come to talk about their experiences of establishing their businesses. In a 2-3 hour meetup, you will undergo team building exercises and talks. You will learn to break out of comfort zone and extend your network connections along the way. Donation based meet up.
More information here.

"Want to change the world? You've got to change yourself first."